The Salvation Army Rings True

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Each year at Christmas, as The Salvation Army once again brings out their red kettles.  That iconic bell ringing that heralds the holiday season is most likely a Bevin Bell.  This is a partnership that has been ongoing as long as anyone can remember, and The Salvation Army is one of our most prized customers.  The Salvation Army buys a variety of bells for a variety of purposes – check out a sampling of them below.  They buy bells of all shapes and sizes, some with their logo, some without.  They give bells as awards and thank yous for their bell ringers and employees.  So, each year, our summer is spent getting bells ready for their upcoming holiday season. 

Be sure to watch this great Salvation Army video that features an Authentic Bevin Bell.  We couldn’t be prouder!  You can check out all their videos here.

The Salvation Army exists to meet human need wherever, whenever, and however they can.  They say they serve the homeless, hungry and poor of every zip code across America.  Perhaps you’d like to jump in and help this wonderful organization.  They are always looking for more bell ringers and then you’d get to ring one of our bells, too.  You can start by looking here:  RegisterToRing or contact your local chapter of The Salvation Army. 

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