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Kentucky Bells for Agriculture


Available in 4 Sizes

1K:  6-7/8″ height, 4-3/4″ diameter
2K:  5-3/4″ height, 4″ diameter
4K: 4-1/2″ height, 3-3/8″ diameter
6K: 2-5/8″ height, 3-3/8″ diameter

A favorite of ranchers , this bell has a deep tone which can be clearly heard from afar. Many think the tone of this bell is closest to cowbells you might hear in the Alps.  Compared to our Long Distance Cowbell, it is a bit taller and narrower. We have a variety of sizes to fit most any animal from oxen and cattle, to goats and sheep.  Made of steel and electrically welded to give a clean smooth surface, this is one fine piece of American craftsmanship.  The 2K (5 3/4″ high) is our most popular size. Unless otherwise indicated, all Kentucky Bells are Metallic Copper.  PLEASE NOTE:  We do not provide any straps, collars or harnesses suitable for attaching the bells to livestock.  Those must be obtained through a livestock supplier.


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1K 6-7/8", 2K 5-3/4", 4K 4-1/2", 6K 3-3/8"


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