Finishing Some Bells


Making high quality bells requires a fair amount of individual hand work – as with everything, it’s all done right here at our factory in CT.  One of the last steps in the process of bell making is inserting clappers and attaching handles.  In this video you will see some tea bells getting their handles followed by some cowbells getting their clappers.

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  • Christine Ferris

    I have an old patio garden bell with horse shoe mount. Very weathered and tarnished. I want to restore it before I hang it. It’s was on the back door of my grandpa’s house so lots of sentimental value. Can you advise me on how to clean it up back to its original glory?

    Most appreciative of your time,


    • Cici Bevin

      Christine – The bell is made of brass, but I don’t know if there is a lacquer or other finish on there, but I suspect there was at some point. If there is no finish on it, then simply buying a brass polish and some good elbow grease would make a big difference. If it does have a coating, you may need to find a brass buffer in your area – there are companies that buff brass – we use them during our production process. They will buff the bell back to it’s original brass and then you can decide if you want to coat/lacquer it or keep it uncoated, which will require frequent polishing but produces a wonderful look. Feel free to call our office for more information.


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