It’s A Wonderful Life, the Christmas drama released in 1946 and directed by Frank Capra, has become a timeless classic The iconic film follows George Bailey, an increasingly frustrated and overwhelmed businessman who feels he is living a life that he doesn’t want to live. George is at his lowest point, facing potential financial and legal trouble on Christmas Eve, when his loved one’s prayers are answered. A guardian angel named Clarence comes to Earth and visits George in an attempt to convince him not to end his life. Clarence is able to show George what the world would be like had he never been born. Through Clarence, George is able to see that his existence matters, that people care about him and that he can’t simply throw it all away. The movie comes to a climax as George begins to realize the value of his life and returns back to the present, and it becomes clear that Clarence has done his work as a guardian angel. In one of the final scenes of the movie, an authentic Bevin Bell can be seen ringing on the Christmas tree as George’s daughter, proudly tells everyone that a ringing bell means that George’s angel, Clarence, has finally gotten his wings and been promoted.

Many important themes can be found in It’s A Wonderful Life that still resonate with us today. The importance of friendship and family, the value of life, messages of hope, and feelings of loyalty, devotion, and dissatisfaction are omnipresent throughout the movie. At Bevin Bells, we are proud to play a small part in this enduring and inspirational movie. We encourage you to take the time to watch the film and share it with others this holiday season, especially if you haven’t already! And we hope that you think of Bevin Bells not only when you hear our bells ringing in the film, but anytime you hear the tranquil sound of bells ringing this holiday season. To purchase your own authentic It’s A Wonderful Life Bell you can visit our shop by clicking the link

We have also linked the scene featuring our bells below for your viewing enjoyment!

Who doesn’t love college football? This Saturday on August 31st, the Mississippi State Bulldogs football team will take to the field to play their first game of the season. Mississippi State’s football program has long been a top contender in the NCAA, and a favorite team throughout Mississippi and among college sports fans.

When fans think of Mississippi State football games, there is one thing that often comes to mind- cowbells. According to local lore, this custom developed in the mid 1900s, when a lone cow meandered its way onto the field during a State football game, which the team ultimately won. The school eventually embraced this happenstance as an ode to the school’s agricultural history. Since then, cowbells have become a resounding symbol of the schools sports program, and this practice has developed as one of the most unique traditions in college sports. The cowbells have taken on a meaning greater than just a way to root for the school, with many bells becoming family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. The school even hosts events where students and alumni showcase the bells they’ve collected over the years! Each Saturday, tens of thousands of State fans take to the bleachers with their favorite cowbell adorned with the State logo. The crimson red bells seem to outnumber the amount of people in the fan section, and the distinct cowbell sound is certainly hard to miss.

Bevin Bells are proud to play an important role in keeping this tradition alive year after year by producing many of the bells for fans. Every year, we look forward to the time when the leaves start to change, and we start to see thousands of our Kentucky Cowbells coming off the production line. In fact, our business can be significantly up in years where Mississippi is on a winning streak. We can hardly wait to hear our bells ringing, cheering on State during the 2019 season! Go Bulldogs and Hail State!

Each year at Christmas, as The Salvation Army once again brings out their red kettles.  That iconic bell ringing that heralds the holiday season is most likely a Bevin Bell.  This is a partnership that has been ongoing as long as anyone can remember, and The Salvation Army is one of our most prized customers.  The Salvation Army buys a variety of bells for a variety of purposes – check out a sampling of them below.  They buy bells of all shapes and sizes, some with their logo, some without.  They give bells as awards and thank yous for their bell ringers and employees.  So, each year, our summer is spent getting bells ready for their upcoming holiday season. 

Be sure to watch this great Salvation Army video that features an Authentic Bevin Bell.  We couldn’t be prouder!  You can check out all their videos here.

The Salvation Army exists to meet human need wherever, whenever, and however they can.  They say they serve the homeless, hungry and poor of every zip code across America.  Perhaps you’d like to jump in and help this wonderful organization.  They are always looking for more bell ringers and then you’d get to ring one of our bells, too.  You can start by looking here:  RegisterToRing or contact your local chapter of The Salvation Army. 

Hockey fans are a fanatical bunch and they know how to cheer for their team!!  I know – I grew up as season ticket holders for the Johnstown (PA) Jets (immortalized in the movie “Slapshot”, where they were called the Charlestown Chiefs).  Talk about a fanatical fans…  As the temps drop in the fall, we start hearing from the hockey teams getting ready for the season, and it brings all those fun memories flooding back!  Our cowbells make great cheering props and even better souvenirs and keepsakes, so I know the fans are still as fanatical.  We sell bells to teams across the country in all sizes and shapes.  From our Long Distance Cowbells  – which range from giant to middlin’ to our Kentucky Bells – a bit softer tone but still a range of sizes, down to our souvenir and ornament bells which make great key chains and holiday ornaments.  




So, if you want to show your team some love, get More Cowbell.  And if your pet isn’t in on the action yet – what are you waiting for – check this out:




L.L. Bean Trail Running Festival
Chooses Bevin Bros. Souvenir Bells

Seriously, folks?  Running 50 miles?  Seems like torture to me, but with the wonderful sound of souvenir bells from Bevin Bells to propel you on, hopefully the participants will conquer the challenge.  Now in it’s 12th year (the first year with L.L. Bean as the presenting sponsor),  the Trail Running Festival is a popular event in Maine, attracting over 2000 participants and spectators.  It is described as a two-day extravaganza of trail races, beer drinking, barbeque, potluck salads and desserts, old time music, and fun family events.   And for four of the major races, each finisher gets what?  A souvenir bell from Bevin Bells when they cross the finish line!  

If you survive the gargantuan 50 mile race you get the gargantuan 12LD cowbell; conquer the 50K race (that’s 31 miles! for those keeping track) and you’ll capture one of our hefty 10LD cowbells; the brave souls who run the 25K will get the adorable XO cowbell.  And those kids who are energetic enough for the kids race, will be rewarded with a yellow version of the XO cowbell.  So, if you’re looking for something to do this Memorial Day weekend, stop by Pineland Farms in Maine, grab some great BBQ and cheer on the runners, or capture a bell of your own by participating!  #TrailRunningPineland  #BevinBells  #ThisIsSerious

L.L. Bean Trail Running Festival at Pineland Farms – Participant Souvenir Event Bells by Bevin Bros. 2017

Shawnee Peak Race Team 2017 Bevin BellYou know you are at a ski race when you hear the iconic sound of cowbells cheering on the racers. This is a tradition that spans the globe. For the 10th year in a row, Shawnee Peak Race Team has ordered Bevin cowbells as ski racing awards and end of season gifts for each of their ski racers – each year they choose a different color.  At the final banquet, coaches get up and talk about each athlete, highlight their accomplishments and hand out the bells. It’s a tradition the kids really look forward to, and it makes for a festive event.  Not to mention, the cowbells serve as great cheering bells during the season!
9 Years of Shawnee Peak Race Team Bevin Bells

You might consider starting a similar tradition for any team or club you are involved with.  It is a cost-effective, high quality gift that will look as good as it sounds!  We can generally get you the bells in under 3 weeks, in any number of colors, with any artwork (up to 3 or 4 colors). Shawnee Peak always chooses our 10LD cowbell (about 3.5″ tall) – the most popular size.  But we do make them smaller and larger.  Check them out here. #GoSPRT  #BevinBells  #Award Bells