The Science Channel just featured Bevin Bells on it’s international hit show, “How It’s Made.” Now in it’s 23rd season, this show is a fan favorite. It takes a look at everyday objects you might not think about and explores how they are made. Among their top 10 videos from the series are segments on paper towels, 3-D printers and bowling balls!

We are super excited about the segment on our company. Unfortunately, if you want to see it, you will need to log in to the Science Channel website via your cable provider. Here is the link, just click through and it will ask you to login. Also, we are the second segment at 7 min 30 seconds into the video, and you do have to watch all the ads to get there – sorry ! You know what they say – No Pain, No Gain! 🙂

Hear Ye, Hear Ye – Read all about us!  Inc. Magazine just published a great profile on Bevin Bells as part of their Main Street section.  Main Street is described as a “tour of small businesses across the country that highlights the imagination, diversity, and resilience of American enterprise.”  We are proud as a peacock to be included.

David Whitford came and spent a day at the factory, heard the stories, met the players, and really grasped what this thing is all about.  We hope you will take the time to read the story.  And we hope you make the commitment to Buy American!

Some of our favorite quotes:

  • Not least among the reasons Bevin Bells is still in business is the peculiar, enduring appeal of bells.
  • “Even though we’ve been around since 1832, and we’re an old made-in-America company, our products are still very functional today,” Cici Bevin says. “It’s not just about keeping history alive. This is a very vibrant category right now.”
  • Memorial Day will mark five years since the fire [that destroyed the entire factory]. How does Doug Dilla plan to observe the anniversary? He sighs: “By coming in the next day and going to work.”

Bevin Bells Story in Inc. Magazine

Among the many steps required to get a finished bell, is the cleaning of the bells after they have been created, but before they are painted or plated.  In this step, they go through a tumbler filled with ceramic stones to clean them, remove any sharp edges, and produce a smoother surface for painting or plating.  We want your bells to be just right – every time.  🙂