Who doesn’t love college football? This Saturday on August 31st, the Mississippi State Bulldogs football team will take to the field to play their first game of the season. Mississippi State’s football program has long been a top contender in the NCAA, and a favorite team throughout Mississippi and among college sports fans.

When fans think of Mississippi State football games, there is one thing that often comes to mind- cowbells. According to local lore, this custom developed in the mid 1900s, when a lone cow meandered its way onto the field during a State football game, which the team ultimately won. The school eventually embraced this happenstance as an ode to the school’s agricultural history. Since then, cowbells have become a resounding symbol of the schools sports program, and this practice has developed as one of the most unique traditions in college sports. The cowbells have taken on a meaning greater than just a way to root for the school, with many bells becoming family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. The school even hosts events where students and alumni showcase the bells they’ve collected over the years! Each Saturday, tens of thousands of State fans take to the bleachers with their favorite cowbell adorned with the State logo. The crimson red bells seem to outnumber the amount of people in the fan section, and the distinct cowbell sound is certainly hard to miss.

Bevin Bells are proud to play an important role in keeping this tradition alive year after year by producing many of the bells for fans. Every year, we look forward to the time when the leaves start to change, and we start to see thousands of our Kentucky Cowbells coming off the production line. In fact, our business can be significantly up in years where Mississippi is on a winning streak. We can hardly wait to hear our bells ringing, cheering on State during the 2019 season! Go Bulldogs and Hail State!

The Science Channel just featured Bevin Bells on it’s international hit show, “How It’s Made.” Now in it’s 23rd season, this show is a fan favorite. It takes a look at everyday objects you might not think about and explores how they are made. Among their top 10 videos from the series are segments on paper towels, 3-D printers and bowling balls!

We are super excited about the segment on our company. Unfortunately, if you want to see it, you will need to log in to the Science Channel website via your cable provider. Here is the link, just click through and it will ask you to login. Also, we are the second segment at 7 min 30 seconds into the video, and you do have to watch all the ads to get there – sorry ! You know what they say – No Pain, No Gain! 🙂