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Modern Manhattan Wedding Favors

Modern Manhattan Wedding Featuring A Michelin Star Restaurant & A Touch of Serendipity

Its never ceases to amaze me how incredibly serendipitous life can be.  This particular example involves a Twitter started friendship (that’s you Casey!), a charity auction, a swoon worthy restaurant, & a couple: One from Australia, one from Minnesota.  Allow me to explain.

In order of operations: Hubby & I, every year, attend a charity event in DC.  Just a tad over a year ago, we won/bought however you prefer to think of it, one of the packages at auction, all for charity of course.  Part of that lovely package was a VIP experience dinner for two at PUBLIC.  As it turned out, Hubby, who is in the high end wine auction business, actually already knew the great folks at PUBLIC (they had done some events there in the past).  Cut to Twitter, it never ceases to amaze me how incredibly easy it is to bond with & becomes friends with someone via this crazy social media form, in about a heart beat.  Casey of Casey Fatchett Photography is a shining example of this.  Witty, funny, & certainly fun to go back & forth with, it wasnt long before we were in each other’s corners.  Casey & I (as well as Casey’s fantastic wife, Caroline) didnt actually physically meet until just very recently at Tamra’s amazing Everswoon launch party (Thanks Tamra!).  There was a humours moment when we first meet, where Casey, being ever the gentleman, held out his hand to shake a good to meet you hello to me.  I looked down at his hand and started to chuckle.  You know the feeling when even though you have not yet physically meet a person, you converse with them so much in a written sense, its as if they are already a friend part of your life?  Thats how I felt at the moment.  It felt like shaking the hand of a friend you have had for 2 years, yeah not happening.  I was like oh come here and then proceeded to bear hug Casey (Thank you Caroline for not smacking  me away Modern Manhattan Wedding Featuring A Michelin Star Restaurant | Photograph by Casey Fatchett Photography

I had been dogging Casey for sometime to submit a damn wedding to me already!!  Finally, I was greeted in my inbox with a submission from Casey and oh how funny can life be…  Not only did I love the super Manhattan featured wedding, but the reception took place at….  PUBLIC!  Now allow me a small digression for a moment.  Hubby & I did finally have our VIP experience at PUBLIC that we had won.  With not the slightest bit of embellishment, it was by far one of the nights of our lives.  It was….perfection.  From Chef Brad, to various staff members there (PS-our waitress was amazing, she really really needs to write a food blog, like now!), to the mega delicious food, to all the wonderful things we got to experience while there, it was beyond a home run.

When I saw Casey’s submission of a wedding at PUBLIC all those lovely feelings came floating back.  Having a close connection with PUBLIC, I thought it would be a rare great opportunity to actually hear a bit from the vendor side of things too.  I reached out to the fine ladies and asked for a bit of commentary from their side as well, and they were all to happy to volley up some great stuff about Randi Anderson & Karlo Pastrovic’s wedding!  So now that I have written a mega intro, allow me to STFU and let you guys get to strolling through this absolutely lovely New York City wedding!!

Pin ItPin ItA note from Casey,  the photographer:
Randi is from Minnesota. Karlo is from Australia. They meet in New York City and have a VERY New York wedding. At the same time, it was intensely personal and thoughtful and highlighted the importance of family and friends. Their invitations and favors featured a wedding logo designed for them by a close friend. A friend of Randi’s from college DJ’d the reception. Karlo hand stamped the individual letters for each escort card. At one point during the ceremony, the celebrant asked all those in attendance to reach out and ‘send’ their support and love to the couple. I have been to hundreds of weddings and I feel like the woman in the taxi Mary Poppins ads saying, “Even I, a jaded New Yorker…” but the moment was palpably electric! After the ceremony, they hopped in a vintage cab (which was fitting because they gave vintage cab models to the bridal party as part of their thank you gifts) and headed down to Public, where they danced the night away!

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Pin ItPin ItPin It“We wanted a simple but elegant  New York wedding: beautiful little church, thoughtfully designed restaurant with a Michelin Star which would cater to the different tastes of our guests.  Special item, personalized bells from Bevin Brothers in Connecticut. We also hired a film car, in our case a checker cab, instead of a limo to take us from the church.”

Pin ItNote from the grand folks at PUBLIC:

Randi Anderson and Karlo Pastovic contacted me early 2010 to discuss having their wedding reception at PUBLIC.  They were to be married off-site & then PUBLIC was going to be the party!  They first contacted me via email and were recommended by family friends.  (The recommendation came from a couple that happened to be the James BeardAward-winning author team of Andrew Dornenburg and Karen A. Page, co-authors of the books Becoming a Chef (1995; 2003, 2nd ed.), Culinary Artistry (1996), Dining Out (1998), Chef’s Night Out (2001),The New American Chef (2003), What to Drink With What You Eat (2006), The Flavor Bible (2008), and The Food Lover’s Guide to Wine (2011).) 

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A few more words from PUBLIC:

From the beginning, Randi & Karlo had a vision and we worked together to make the vision come alive.  The most important part of it all of course was the food so Chef Brad indeed worked his magic.  The vibe of the event was electric!  The guests were boisterous and fun, and everyone raved about the food & service.  The whole night flew by so fast and I can honestly say that this was actually one of our most entertaining, and fun for the staff weddings. Pin It

Getting a lil help from their friends: Julie Gamble, an artist, arranged the flowers for the reception while Diana Litchfield did the invitations.Pin It

When asked their favorite moment, the couple each had separate favorites with one major agreed upon fave.  While the the groom’s speech will always stay fresh in our brides mind, the groom will forever hold their first dance close to his heart, however for both our bride & groom it was the power of all the love from the guest they received upon walking into the reception for the first time!

*SBW: I’m sorry, but how incredibly cute are these two, especially in this particular photograph?!  I love how petulantly cute mister on the right is.  I wanna hang out with him, he is probably a handful!

Fun lil wedding tid-bit: Big Al’s limo swooped by Public at the end of the night whisking away our couple for a little ride around town before dropping us off at the hotel.  What a sweet way to really cement your wedding day and have some magical last moments that are special just to the two of you forever!

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Vendor Love

Wedding Dress: Lovely Bride
Jimmy Choo
Hair Stylist:
Blow NYC
Make-up Artist: Bobbie Brown
Favors and Gifts:
Bevin Brothers
Reception Venue:
Ceremony: Church of the Transfiguration
DJ Rubia
Florist: Julie Gamble (Friend of the couple)
Photo Booth Equipment:
Casey Fatchett Photography
Casey Fatchett Photography


Originally Published on Wednesday, December 03, 2014
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